Anonymous inquired where can i watch the replay of the usa vs mexico match yesterday?

On demand if you have a ‘watch espn’ account and maybe check tumblr user- ‘Sam-streams’ because she might have livestreamed the game last night!

Megan Rapinoe | Friendly vs. Mexican WNT | 9/18/14

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Graham “Zeus” Zusi courtesy randiberez for mensfitness

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USA 4 - 0 MEX

9’ Amy Rodriguez

37’ Megan Rapinoe

44’ Tobin Heath

79’ Alex Morgan

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That’s it?! No post game interviews? No shots of the players winding down? No talk with the coaches/players? No nothing? Just an immediate cut to a High School football match?! Lame bro.


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A Morgs doing work

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Final USA 4, MEX 0. Alex Morgan with a tremendous header in the 79’.

Next up, World Cup Qualifying in Kansas City, Chicago and DC. 

Tix info here:

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Tobin Heath Goal 45’ Better Quality

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