u the best so articulate always
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Part time right winger, part time seal.

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hao is god ya silly
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Inside Reign: Syd + Pinoe [x]

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I fell in love with the pitted ferocity in her eyes and never looked back.  


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yo the Hamm
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184/365 of “A-Tobin-a-day..

↳ Tobin Heath; motto

HAO is having such a proud mama moment in this. Look at the way she looks at Tobin. They played for PDA together, UNC together, and they play on the best team in the world together.

  • Think about all the fitness tests they got each other through.
  • All the soccer practices they got each other through,
  • The skills they worked on together.
  • The “Terrible Tuesdays” at UNC that they survived together .
  • They experienced the agony of defeat together.
  • They experienced the amazing taste of victory together.
  • Won NCAA championships together.
  • They have stood on the podium receiving medals for their country together.

They’ve been through so much together, no wonder why Tobin cried at HAO’s wedding.

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wasn't expecting that :')
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hah the last 2 though ko
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Credits to Sophie Durieux for PitchsideReport

tobin heath psg féminines psg praise tobin that jawline though that messy hair though that smile though


Glad someone giff’d this.

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