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alexmorgan13 What do we do during a lightening delay? Sit criss-cross in a circle with friends/opponents :)

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women who succeed in male-dominated fields are always labeled Female Athletes or Female Rappers or Female Presidents but when landon donovan scores 57 international goals (which is 110 less than abby wambach’s record), nobody feels it necessary to label him the Leading Male Goal Scorer. no, he just gets to be the best goal scorer. even though there are a dozen women who have outclassed him. funny how that works.

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Do you know what I hate, I hate when little kids go to games to see Alex, Abby or Syd play and then disrespect a player by pulling there things away last minute because they aren’t the player they wanted or a NT player. Most of the time they ignore the old fans because of the little kids, but we…

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let’s play a game..it’s called spot the difference..

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#Repost from @jloyden with @repostapp —- I pledge to raise awareness for domestic violence… To honor my family and in remembrance of my beautiful sister Britton. #MYvoicecounts @jl_foundation

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